Hello, I’m a Medical Affairs Publications Manager

Ronnie Guyton, PharmD, Manager, Medical Affairs Publications, Moderna Inc.

What attracted you to a career in the life sciences?

I wanted a career that allowed for an opportunity to develop skill sets, learn, and apply knowledge that had the possibility to create a positive impact on my children’s world.

What was your ‘front door’ to the industry and how did your education decisions put you on a career path to where you are right now?

Vaccine manufacturing was my entry point for the biotech industry. However, it was my PharmD education that allowed me to have options and opportunities to pivot toward my more desirable interests within biotech.

As a career rather than simply a job, what opportunities do you see for next steps on your path?

My hope is to seek out challenges, become a subject matter expert, and be viewed as a resource of information and solutions for a diverse number of teams.

What career and education advice would you like to give to someone considering a career in the life sciences?

Be prepared to be disappointed, however, train one’s response to disappointment and use it as motivation to push past what is possible today, toward what is to come tomorrow.