Bioversity is a workforce development focused non-profit that operates a lab-based training center in Dorchester to provide a pathway for underrepresented and overlooked Boston-area residents to launch life-changing life sciences careers.

Through our free, stipend-supported, 8-week (160 hour) workforce training program, we equip students with the technical expertise and professional skills to succeed on day 1 in early career scientific operations roles. From lab skills and safety to resume writing and interview prep, our intensive, hands-on curriculum prepares students not only for their first job, but to advance in their career quickly.

Since Bioversity opened the doors to our 4,000 square foot training center in Dorchester in January 2024, our impact has been dramatic:

  • Our student’s average pre-enrollment income of $28,000 soars to $56,000+ after graduation and job placement
  • We’ve had 800+ applicants and counting
  • 96% of our enrolled students are Black and/or Latino
  • 76% of our enrolled students live in Boston neighborhoods
  • Graduates are landing full-time employment in roles like Lab Support Technician, Logistics Technician, Manufacturing Associate, Molecular Technician Associate, Senior Site Specialist, and more, at top companies including abcam, Flagship Lab Services, Foundation Medicine, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Vertex.

We’ve fueled workforce diversity, improved health equity, and empowered communities too long shut out of Boston’s innovation economy.

In 2024, we will be graduating five cohorts of students and working to place each of them into full-time employment at a local life sciences company. And this is just the start. We’re already thinking about our next training curriculums as well as regionalizing our approach.

We can’t do any of this without the support of our employer partners, donors, and community members. Join us today and support our mission to build an inclusive life sciences workforce by hiring our graduates, volunteering your time at our training center, or donating to Bioversity. Together, we can unleash opportunity and drive economic opportunity across our region.