A Career Awaits You in the Life Sciences

From Bioversity’s own 8 week training program to associate degree programs, or directly into a job, explore your path into a career in Massachusetts’ fastest growing industry.

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Why a Life Sciences Career?

A career in the life sciences – at a Massachusetts biotech company, for example, – means you are working each day to advance new therapies, treatments, and cures for the hardest to treat diseases. Even if you’re not a scientist, jobs in this field are rewarding and engaging with excellent pay, exceptional benefits, and upward mobility. The reality is that you may already have the skills and experience necessary to enter this industry and immediately make a difference.

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    High School Diploma or GED

    There are numerous short-term certificate training programs available to people with a high school degree – most come at no-cost to learners and provide a stipend – that teach the skills necessary to launch into a life sciences job and career.


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    2-Year College Degree

    If you have a two-year degree, you are ready to work in the life sciences. There are also a variety of training programs available to you that can give you a leg up as you look ahead in your career.

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    4-Year College Degree

    Demand for talent is growing quickly at life sciences companies across Massachusetts. Even if you don’t have a science degree, there are jobs for you: 30-40% of jobs at life sciences companies are in scientific and business operations. Jobs in things like communications, human resources, accounting, and legal are waiting for you.

This is My Career in the Life Sciences.

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    I have always been passionate about science and technology. From building simple robots and cars with the engineering kit my aunt got me when I was 9 years old, to assessing optimal soccer striking...

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Bioversity, a Massachusetts incorporated 501c3 non-profit, blazes training pathways and creates employer connections for underrepresented populations and individuals traditionally left out of the life sciences to quickly propel them into well-paying jobs and lifelong careers. We aspire to an equitable life sciences industry that reflects the patient communities it serves and delivers career opportunities to all who want them.

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