Hello, I’m a Senior Lab Manager

Rasheedah Malik, Senior Lab Manager, Assay Development, Foundation Medicine, Inc.

What attracted you to a career in the life sciences?

What attracted me to my career in the life sciences is my love for science and math. These were my two favorite subjects in school, and I have always enjoyed researching the how and why.  I have a passion for helping others and always wanted to be a part of something that could potentially save lives.

What was your ‘front door’ to the industry and how did your education decisions put you on a career path to where you are right now?

My entry into this industry was attending the Just A Start Biomedical Certificate Program.  This was my first time learning about the Biotech industry and how amazing and rewarding a career in this field could be.  This was also a great start for me because as a young single mom of 4 small children, I honestly had doubts of ever completing college. Completing that program and getting a job right after graduation was proof to myself that I could achieve my dreams.

As a career rather than simply a job, what opportunities do you see for next steps on your path?

For my next steps in my career path, I would like to continue to grow in my position

as a Senior Manager here at Foundation Medicine. I really love Foundation Medicine and would like to continue my contribution to helping transform cancer care.  As our company grows, I am also learning and growing.  I have been in this industry for many years, and I want to never stop learning.

What career and education advice would you like to give to someone considering a career in the life sciences?

My advice to someone considering a career in life sciences is to go for it!  I like to consider myself an example of the non-traditional path for my bachelor’s degree, but that did not prohibit me from landing great roles in this industry.  I encourage you to never give up on what you want, you are in control of your destiny! Do not let life’s detours distract you from your goals, even if that means taking a break and picking it back up later. Keep learning, growing, and remain positive!